Add Facebook Pixel to WIX Website

Add facebook pixel to Wix

Before we jump right into how to add Facebook pixel code to your Wix site, first let’s talk about what the Facebook pixel is.

What is Facebook pixel?

If you plan on using Facebook ad campaigns, the Facebook pixel will be an important tool. The FB pixel is a short code that Facebook provides for each advertising account.

Once this code is placed on your website, Facebook will be able to measure various interactions and behaviours from your site visitors. For example, you will be able to track conversions, create custom audiences etc. In short, you will be able to better understand your visitors and further optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

How to get the pixel?

Before you can add FB pixel to your Wix website, you need one. To get it, log into your Facebook business manager account.

From the top left menu, select “Pixels and Conversions”. Facebook is constantly changing its dashboard, so it may look a bit different on your account.

How to find Facebook pixel

If you don’t have a pixel yet, you’ll see a “Create a Pixel” button. Then you’ll need to add a name to your pixel, and you have to provide the URL of your website.

After this you’ll have different options how you’ll want to implement the code. The easiest ways are Google tag manager or adding the code manually to your website. Facebook will tell you where exactly you need to add the code.

However, we will integrate the pixel into our Wix website so we don’t need to choose any of the installation method facebook offers.

How to add FB pixel to Wix?

In your Wix dashboard go to “Settings” -> “Tracking & Analytics”

Click “New Tool” and select “Facebook Pixel”

Wix will ask for your “Facebook Pixel Code”. Now, this is not the long Javascript code, it’s rather the ID of your FB pixel.

Go back to Facebook and grab this ID.

Add facebook pixel to Wix dashboard

Add it to Wix and click apply. Now you are ready to collect user data for your Facebook ads campaigns. Check your business manager after a few hours to see if there is any activity coming in from your website. If it shows “no activity yet” after 24 hours, re-check if you added the code properly.

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