AvraMed Documentation

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Avramed is a medical website builder tool with advanced features and administration panel. You do not need any programming knowledge to build a website with Avramed. This documentation will provide you all the necessary information that you need to set up and operate Avramed.

System requirements

In order to use Avramed your server needs to meet the following requirements:

  • PHP 7.x
  • PDO extension enabled
  • MySQL 5+

Please make sure you check your system before purchase!


File upload

Avramed is a selfhosted software, it requires a server to run. If you don’t have a webhosting account, we recommend purchasing a package from A2hosting. We develop and test our software on A2hosting servers so we know you won’t have any problem with it. After downloading the install package, extract it to your hard drive. Upload all files and directories from the “upload” folder to your server.

You can upload the files using an FTP client such as FileZilla. If you are not familiar with using an FTP client, you can find a detailed tutorial on it in our knowledgebase.

Creating database

Coming soon ….

Installing AvraMed

Coming soon ….

Updating AvraMed

Coming soon ….



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